Art Center College of Design (LA) - by far #1 on the west coast on a purely consistant level

San Jose State (intermitantly) has had some mighty fine graduates.

Academy of Arts College (San Fran) is becoming a looker

Where do you get your information, and where can I get this info?

I work with approx 100 designers, before going corprate I worked with a design firm with many large corporate clients, so I got to know a lot of designers. I’ve gotten most of my information first hand from them.

How about California College for Arts and Crafts?

The California College of the Arts (& Crafts) Industrial Design department is a relatively new program that represents a process and technically based style of instruction. CCA’s facilities are outstanding and its small size creates a sense of community and home. The program is led by Leslie Speer and has many notable designers on its faculty such as Yves Béhar, Ian MacColl, Jay Baldwin and Matt Rhoades. Name recognition unfortunately seems to be the single most important factor in determining which design program is strongest; and if this notion holds true CCA has not yet achieved a voice heard throughout the discussion of great Industrial Design programs.

San Jose State has been discussed on the Core77 site with a myriad of opinions. I feel that the SJSU program has at times been one of most notable and certainly one of the most affordable.