Epoxy resin as hair gel

For those days when you just really don’t want your hair to get mussed up.

Lets just say my curiosity hasn’t gotten the best of me… yet.

Not sure why I thought of this, but I figured other people might have thought of some unintended uses of some ID materials.

That sounds a little too carcinogenic for my taste. Then again, maybe I’d be scared to know what’s in the forming cream I currently use.

Epoxy Resin takes too long to cure. super77 is the way to go!

Go to your local hood beauty supply store or the ethnic hair care section in walmart and look for “pro con” styling gel. If the bottle is clear, it’ll look like rootbeer colored jelly. That’ll keep your hair frozen in time with whatever style you use it for.

applying it to your shirts is a good way to keep it nice and pressed, permanently.