Environmental printing processes for furniture?

Hi, I’m looking into different printing processes to used on a piece of furniture I’m putting into production but as I’m not a trained ID but a graphic designer I only know about environmental inks for clothes and paper.

The material I’m using for the furniture is bamboo plywood (from managed forests) and I need to print on the flat surface. There are no bends or angles. the surface area is 1.4m x 1.4m. I’ve done a bit of research into screen printing and large format printing but I have no ideas as to the different inks. Also I have read a little about transfer films and laminates.

The product goal is to be VERY environmentally friendly by way of renewable and minimal impact materials, clean manufacturing processes and very long product life span.


why does it have to be ink? - would you be happy with laser etching?

I would be happy with laser etching. But can this process reproduce colors? my simple understanding of etching is that it creates a relief, not a color. Am I wrong about that?

This said, I am also planning to have each piece laser etched/engraved with a serial number.