entry level nyc?

So i’ve been working for a product design firm in nyc as an intern, which has led to a potential full time gig. I’ve had about a year of exp. as an intern. We’re a small firm, but how much should I be asking for? Please any help is appreciated! I’ve looked at the coroflot suggestions, but that just doesn’t seem accurate to me. Thanks again.

coroflot salary study should be pretty accurate within a range. did you find it too high? too low?


thanks for the response dude! I just can’t bring myself to trust Coroflot. For entry level position there are only like 20 replies for my area… if you put that in perspective (no pun) it’s not a lot of responses. I’m just finding that entry level positions are offering around 30-35. I only have exp. interning, cumulative 1 year, but at a few companies. So I’m just a little hesitant to come out and ask for 40-45k for entry level. Am I crazy?

edit: although i feel i’m doing a pretty good job and seems my employers don’t disagree.

Companies like to lowball you. In a lot of situations companies would rather go with someone whos cheaper because they expect to be able to find someone who can pull off the same level of work at that price (and they’re probably right. There are definately plenty of starving designers out there)

Unfortunately if you want more money then they’re willing to offer, you have to be willing to walk away. I don’t think you’re crazy, I live on Long Island and I just got my first job out of school and I’m lucky that its paying very well. However it’s also corporate, so they obviously have a lot more income at their disposal then a small consultancy.

even fresh out of school with 1 internship under my belt, I would not have taken less than 45 in NYC even for a dream firm.

  • also factor in core benefits (medical, dental, 401k) etc. and extras like flex time, working from home, education reimbursement, continued education reimbursements as +/- to the final $alary amount.

thanks for the advice guys, I definitely appreciate the perspective. I also wanted to add that we’re a pretty small group. Any more viewpoints? They would certainly be appreciated!

I think sometimes students seem to undersell themselves (I am a student and I do it too) we imagine ourselves as just kids, and we think that some day in the distant future will be the day when we earn decent wages, and can afford to live an adult life. But the time is now.