Entry-level jobs and negotiations

Hey guys,

I read over most of the post here on this subject and was curious as to what the feel was for Chicago right now. I’ll be graduating this week and actually have an offer but have yet to talk money. The job is most likely an entry level and about 30 minutes outside Chicago in Oakbrook IL. What kind of numbers can I expect? Questions I should ask…etc.

Here is a sample of my school work if that helps any.


Thanks for any help.

the amtrack information poster looks great. I would really like to see that in more detail. I am doing an information design website right now and I can understand just how much thought goes into creating a final work that has so much information and how to lay it out so it communicates at a simple easy to follow format. did you create all your icons in the poster? or was it given to you? did you get any feed back on it to see how people read it and if there were an difficulties? looks great-

other work also-on the corp. id work looks nice also, one thing I would maybe take the size of the logo from the card and use that size for the letterhead the logo seems a lil large on the page. but personal opinion.

I am not sure of your work experience or what type of job you are looking for? I feel like you are trying to get a job in graphic design /corp or information design…I’m not sure of the numbers on that, there are not too many graphic designers on here…

good luck

Thanks for the feedback. I created everything on that poster except the amtrak logo and information. I made the icons, the guides, the key, the zephyr logo…name it I most likely made it. The poster itself is 20" by 40" so it is HUGE. I’ve had a few people look at it and most say they could understand it and get the info they needed easily.

As for the PCA stuff I noticed the logo on the paper looks to be oversized for the space but that is the image I suppose. At actual size it looks fine. (at least according to me and a handful of others)

To answer your question yes I am looking for a graphic design position no matter what the area. I see that it is mostly ID here and was curious as to why but I think it’s good to get a mixture of feedback from people in different areas of design.

are those salary survey on coroflot BEFORE or AFTER tax? because 26%+ off your paycheck is cut throat especially making 50k living in bay area from my experience.

it seems like it is the gross not the net and yeah it is that brutal and not just the bay area. corporate gigs pay more than design studios (unless you are a partner) and consulting is the best chance to get the most money but it is a big rollercoaster.

BTW congratulates this guy. He got the job!