Looking for a critical evaluation of my portfolio or “corfolio”

Constructive criticism is appreciated…

Currently looking for an ID position (intern/Entry level); Haven’t had an opportunity to intern to this point…

A little about my background…

Didn’t have a Art background in High School…
Went to a small art school in West Michigan (Kendall College of Art and Design - Industrial Design); No requirement for obtaining internships. Very few worked as interns…
Location is bad…Michigan currently holds the highest unemployment rate in the nation with 14.5%

please check it out at:

It’s a good start.

You have a few files that are repeated. You have two pages on your a handgun: The first page is rendering of the gun and the second page is the same rendering with some added text. Use a hand sketched on the first page (to show how you think) then use the rendering with the text for the second. The same problem occurs with the l James B-Ball shoe, Sunglasses, etc. The Trail runner sketches look great. It would be nice to see more of you hand skills.

Be critical of yourself, learn to simplify your portfolio and only showcase your best pieces.

Hey Michael,

You’ve got some good work in there.

I found myself more drawn to the projects which seemed to have more of a story to me (the flashlight and the golfclub).
It would really be nice to see some more in context shots though, specifically since you made high-res physical models.
Get some good emotive photos of people using them and let that help make your stories even more compelling.

I would personally like to see a lot more exploration and development around the final direction for the Davdison Plyforms chair. The sketches you show are kind of directionally all over the place, which is fine for early exploration, but it would be great to see you really sweat the details of the final direction in 2-d and 3-d sketches. Your outcome seems a bit precarious, particularly in because it is only shown views looking up, I’m still kind of wondering what it would look like from the angles I would see it from everyday. That repeats with other renderings/projects too, it’s okay to show some dramatic worm-eye views, but show it to me from the everyday perspective too and preferably in context.

Keep at it!
best of luck

Thank you GURU and IDiot…

I really appreciate you taking the time to review my work. It means a lot! I have been talking to some people via IDSA and LinkedIn (mentors…I suppose); I have been getting some good advice…although it can be confusing at times; Some suggestions run counter to each other. This is the first time I have actually posted my work…I have always been sceptical for some reason, but after reading some posts on here…I had to do it.

At least I got two written critiques, and 72+ reviews…

I read on here that I need to post more in order to establish credit; that is so I can get more feedback. I don’t know if that is true? b/c, I read a post where someone went off about not getting any feedback from established designers in the industry, and not really offering any advice to student designers. Anyhow, thanks again…I will continue to work on my portfolio, and make the necessary improvements.