Entrance Portfolio

This is part of my entrance portfolio for an ID school. I sketched two projects::
puma shoe+Ipod dock.

Any feedback or comment are extremely appreciated!!

thanks in advance!!


Considering you arent even in ID yet, you certainly do have some well developed sketching and rendering skills. A good foundation.

Your ipod dock seems more of a speaker than dock? is that right? some in-use visuals would help and also drawing it in context (ie on the table, on a shelf, etc.) and beside the ipod for scale would add to the project. nice range of concepts and exploration of different ideas.

The puma car/shoe looks more like a car than a shoe. i can understand getting inspiration from a car, but think you have taken it too literally and the proportions of the shoe are way off. check out some of the drawings in the footwear forum here and you’ll see.

Overall though, certainly a good foundation for an entrance portfolio. Would be good to also show some more projects and process work, as well if you have any more technical projects or some computer work, would be good to help balance things out.

Best thing you can do to help present your skills and work is to create a layout for your portfolio that you can use to add info to your sketches and drawing. a nice title with some text explaining the problem you are solving and your process would help.

nice job. best of luck in your application.


Really nice sketches for a highschooler, usually don’t see sketches that loose at this level. Keep posting stuff, it will be great to see the work evolve in your first couple of years of college when you will learn a lot of the things R is getting at.

Great stuff.

Thanks so much for the feedback…