Entire Fake Apple Store in China



AMAZING! Just too funny! Thanks for the giggle.

I’ll see your fake Apple Store and raise you a fake entire Austrian Village.

Now we know what Fake Steve Jobs has been up to!

It may be funny, but its also really sad. Especially as a Chinese person, it makes me cringe and feel ashamed to see them put so much effort into copying other people’s hard work. The culture and value of design will never take hold in China until this kind of thing begins to go away.

Yes and No. If they copy just to copy, then it is terrible. If they copy to learn, then they might appreciate the value in the design and start to apply and transform it. I have a nasty feeling it is copying just to copy.

I think they are copying just to ride off the Apple brand name and make money without having to invest in the time, research, and development it takes to make products like Apple.

I don’t see the value in copying something exactly and not making it your own in any way. Even if it is just the retail store, since I’m pretty sure they are selling genuine Apple products.

Didn’t Microsoft copy the Apple store too? :laughing:

I know copying seems to be engraved in Chinese modern culture, which is terrible and sometimes good (mostly bad). There’s a painting school that teaches people how to paint hyper-replica paintings of famous paintings like Mona Lisa, etc. It’s actually became a legit art school that some people go to to learn from the masters and do their own stuff. Copying for profit, sucks. But if done right it can be a good teaching tool. Though this store isn’t one of them.

Before Apple Corp built its water moat surrounded cathedral in Shanghai, the city was littered with little quasi-official looking Apple shops. All official hardware products, but just not quite the attention to detail on the finishing of the store outfit that would be expected from a franchise holder. 95% of the way there, but not quite. The giveaway was/is always that after you purchased a computer, they would install any software you wanted on it, for free.

The staff was always very dedicated, professional and helpful. It was in fact, a good brand reflection. The base elements that Apple has built up as retail language held up even after translation.

So at the end there is really no story here, until Kunming gets rich enough to get its own official pantheon to the brand, they will have to satisfy their retail yearnings for meaning on simulacrum.

I agree with you. some chinsese copy are smart, but some copy is terrible :slight_smile:

seems like they found an entire fake-IKEA in China now.

Well trodden ground.

June 6, 1988, Southern California, USA

LOS ANGELES – Pressured by a IKEA copyright infringement lawsuit, STOR, a competing home furnishings retailer, has halted display and distribution of its 1988 “copy cat” catalog.

The decision by STOR ends the first dispute in the lawsuit filed by Swedish-based IKEA. The lawsuit charges that STOR “copied in virtually every respect material from IKEA stores.”

IKEA–with stores in 19 countries including two sites in the U.S.–contends that STOR replicated IKEAs’ furniture, furniture names, signs, testing machines, price tags, department names, color schemes, checkout areas, shopping carts, general store layout and design, and catalogs, and that this replication constitutes unfair competition and copyright infringement.


I didn’t hear it! ~it’s not true