Entertainment project story ideas?

Ok so im getting started on an entertainment design project and it must revolve around a story. A good example is The Wizard of Oz, so something like that would be good. It can also be as simple as a classic short story. My ideas so far are: Alice in Wonderland, Speed Racer and Dracula. Whatever project i choose, i will apply an entirely different take on it. Most of what is going on in my head is all extremely futuristic; flying everything, floating everything, crazy architecture… a world no one has ever seen before…hopefully. But, before i get started on any ideations, I want the best story I can think of. So I was just wondering if i could get some suggestions on some neat stories that i can apply a futuristic aspect too. Any kind of stories that i can really work with character/creature design, vehicle design, environmental design, etc. would be desired. If you guys can help me out with some story ideas, or not, that would be great. Thanks.

cool! thanks…

I don’t have any story suggestions per say, but what came to mind was the coke commercial that was based on the grand theft auto game. Instead of the main character doing everything bad he did everything good.

The story really kept my attention because you naturally were waiting for one thing when something else happened. Keeping your audience engaged is key and I thought the coke commercial did that very well.

Are you doing animation or illustration?


Futuristic farming
The story of making breakfast but all automated. Similar to Honey I Shrunk the kids intro…
Running of the Bulls in the Year 3000
Paul Bunyan


well i was deciding upon a few stories, but in the end it came down to the 1994 movie “The Professional” or SpeedRacer.

I really want to do the professional because the story is awesome and the movie is reallllyyy good. Its about a professional hitman sniper who basically kills everyone who tries to take him down, natalie portman plays in the movie at a very young age aswell. Anyways i wanted to do that pretty badly, but since im all about vehicle design, i think speed racer will be a much more enjoyable project for me. So, thx for …the help…brainmullins :slight_smile:. But ive made my decision: SpeedRacer, If anyone comes up with some godly amazing stories i start working on this project on monday, so im still somewhat open to more ideas. thanks.

you could do a short spin off “the turtle and the hare.” where the race takes place in an urban atmosphere. you could incorporate some pretty sick vehicles that a turtle might drive as opposed to what a rabbit might want to drive. you could really play off the cockiness of the rabbit and why he ends up losing because of his ride.

just an idea.

either story you should post your progress, i’d like to see what you come up with it.