Entertainment Design Sketchbook

Hey everyone, I’m new here. I’m an entertainment design student at Art Center (3rd term in the Fall). At ACCD, Entertainment design is now an ID track for the first 2 terms. We have a few different classes, but we are taught with the trans and product kids, and our degree is a bachelors of science.

quick backstory: Since I was in highschool, I’ve always been more of an ‘illustration’ minded person. I was lucky enough to enroll in Art Center, discovering the wonderful world of Industrial design- and I looove it. Either way: I have my summer free, and so I’m going to keep a ‘sketchbook’ here, where I can get design and styling feedback, etc.

Anyways, I really look forward to getting some great POV’s on my stuff!
Here are some recent things I’ve done; The paintings are typically within an hour, all in photoshop. I’m trying to move away from those and work more on my sketching (which I’ll put up later tonight)

P.S. (I looked for a Rules or Guidelines thread and couldn’t find it… hope this is okay!)

sweet. keep posting.
i’m taking entertainment design classes at concept design academy in southpasadena in two weeks. should be cool too.

Great work!! These are totally okay for the forum. I would love to se your sketch work before you get to the PS stuff. Keep posting and let’s see more!!

Sweet stuff, what do you learn in entertainment design class?

Hmm, just noticed the attachment manager!

Thank you all for the very warm welcome :slight_smile:

PackageID; The paintings are strictly digital I have a few videos on youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/JTOdesign that I made for friends of mine if you’re curious about the process.

Here’s an embedded one; - YouTube

And here are some more sketches, though less fun than the entertainment stuff, I still love doing this… foundations foundations foundations :smiley: They are quick confidence building sketches with a hi-tec C .03 and white prisma.

More soon! And thanks again for the welcome :slight_smile:

Right on man! Like the feel of the paintings!

Welcome Atmocube. Look forward to watching the stuff progress… I miss those sketching summers from college!

Here’s another guys! thanks for the support!

Also, to answer the question of what they teach us in Ent Design classes… How to draw everything accurately… how to paint it accurately… and then how to design it quickly, effectively, and efficiently. Not far off from Product :slight_smile:

so nice!

Here is a protfolio piece I completed… just a helmet!

and thank you again for the compliments!


Great stuff here bud! As someone who at one time dreamed of going into entertainment design, I shall enjoy living vicariously through you…

great stuff atmocube! I like your paintings alot. I’m really interested in entertainment design, and I hope you don’t mind me asking but I was wondering if you had any advice?
1.What type of stuff do you guys learn in your curriculum?
2.What software do you use? (I’m guessing Painter? if so what brushes do you use? and any tips on how to use them?)
and 3.How does one get into this sort of industry? (example, in product design, it’s the usual internship at a design firm or company that’d lead to a position?)

Sorry for the bombardment of questions but I like your stuff and I thought I could learn from ya :laughing:

I’m going to answer some of those questions since I’m here anyway.

  1. (this is what I’ve gathered from talking to entertainment students/taking classes myself) character, creature, environment, vehicles. Starting with basic perspective to traditional rendering media (charcoal, graphite, paint, markers,) to digital media. 3d modeling (zbrush, Maya). Storyboarding, figure drawing. I just dumped a bunch of stuff that most of them learn.

  2. From all of the professionals that I’ve taken classes/workshops from, they all seem to use Photoshop. In terms of brushes, some of them don’t use any fancy brushes at all (simple round brush), some of them use a chisel brush for a marker-y feel, and some of them use crazy brushes. Depending on the aesthetic you want/personal preference.

  3. You get into the industry with a bad-ass portfolio. Many ACCD students get offered full time jobs in the middle of their education, and some of them choose to take the job and forfeit the degree. Once you’re in the industry, a degree wont matter: it’s all about the portfolio. Being in a location like LA helps a lot, too (being close to the industry).

Thanx for the answers tarngerine.

now what are the companies that someone interested in entertainment design would apply to?
sorry for the questions. maybe I should start a thread.

Depends on what field of entertainment you want to go to: games, movies, animation, book cover illustration, graphic art, etc… there’s a lot of concept art opportunities just like ID.

Games: obviously game studios (Sony, Insomniac, Bungie, etc)
Movies: movie studios, (ILM, Sony, etc)
Animation: Disney, etc.

There are also many other studios who do 2nd, 3rd, 4th tier work (like someone from Sony hired a company who hired a company, etc).

Check that out.

Good opportunities are comic conventions like SDCC that just happened. Companies like Insomniac go and scout talent. People walk around and show their portfolios and try to get connections. Easiest way into the industry is through connections. Go to LA and take classes, workshops, talk to pros, etc.

looking good man! The cave with the red eyes is my favorite, something ominous about that one. Keep it up

Amazing work on sketching. When I see the sketches, I remember the movies transformers. The robots are having some basic ideas are same. It is not a copy but you add the modifications. You can use your imaginations to create a new sketches.