Entering Junior Year - Please critique my stuff

These are all sophomore year projects. Some are currently being reworked (shoe, trash can)…

Click on the coroflot link in my sig.

I think it’s assumed, but please critique as if you were interviewing me.


solid stuff for someone entering their Junior year.

I respect Michael’s opinions as much as anyone, but c’mon peeps lets not let his reply be the final one of this thread! Who else has some critiques?

Yeah, I’d agree with Mike – sketching is clean, process well-developed and presented. I can’t speak to the feasibility of the shoe project cause it’s not my field, but the garbage can and bird’s nest show a very keen eye toward user behavior (even if the user is a bird). Nicely done.

You also did a good job of figuring out and applying Grcic’s process and not just his aesthetic, which is something a lot of students probably would have ended up doing.

The picture frame I’m a little less clear on. It’s a nicely finished piece, but the reasoning behind it is less clear – how exactly do you get from Katie the Spontaneous Stick-Shifter to an angled photo holder?

Thanks for the critique, Hitch. I agree that there is kind of a disconnect in the picture frame correlation. I’ll probably end up reworking the persona a bit - it was the first one I did… Also, I’ll probably add an extra page that gives a more clear visual of how the design permits simple customization of the viewing angle, and tie that enjoyable experience in with the persona.

Thanks again!

Any more critiques?

Hitch spelled it out, sorry for my short response. Thanks for breaking it down Carl. I think this year your skills will expand as you put them to practice more. I see you already did an internship, which is good. Make sure you get another one this year!

Your sketching is clean, but take it to the next level and work on communicating more complex form work. You have some good ideation pages, and some more final images, but develop a good intermediate style where you flush the idea out. Sketching at that next level up, refined, but not a rendering, is great when working with modelers to better communicate ideas and with marketing when you want to flush out a bunch of concepts but not go through the trouble of rendering them or modeling them.

Thanks for the in-depth advice Yo, I really appreciate it. I have noticed that most of my portfolio sketches are more of the initial idea generation phase rather than that 2nd phase of form definition which comes after the good idea has been conceived. I’m currently redoing my trash can project with some more refined, shaded prismacolor pencil sketches to hopefully fill that gap in my portfolio, for now at least.

I’m pumped for this upcoming school year. I’m specifically looking to improve the consistency of my sketch quality - hopefully my Fall Studio class and Trans class will catalyze that growth.

Thanks again both of ya!

one minor thing- your layouts are polished in a graphic design sense, but they are pretty hard to follow for me.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m not really happy with some of them (the IKEA Stool brief page, as well as some others). I’ll review them myself and get some more outside opinions as to how clearly and in what order they read.

Hey Camzaman,
Sorry for the delayed response, work has been crazy lately.
I had a chance to look at your portfolio, and over all the quality is very good.
Your quick sketches are nice and descriptive, but I wish they were a bit bigger so I could hone in on them more (more of a problem with coroflot than anything else).

I would agree with YO that it would be nice to see some more developed “intermediate” sketches (this is some good advice for myself as well).

I could be wrong as I’m not a shoe designer, but your shoe design looks a little weird to me. The baseline for your shoe is very round. The heel lifts up a lot. Take a look at some other sketches from YO or Kutchinsky like this one (Kutchinsky):

I would say to really study the proportions and lines of a shoe (use underlays of existing shoes to nail it). A subtle change in line or shape is all it takes to totally change the style of a shoe.

Other than that, things look good. Keep up the good work!

Thanks Steel, I appreciate the feedback! I’m actually going to redo that project, just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I was happy with it at the time (end of my sophomore year in April) but now I see how much better it could be. Stay tuned…