Take a look at Person People’s latest effort
We would love to get feedback to carry forward.

Some crit. Are you quickly able to gather the concept? Could you explain this to someone in one or two sentences? Do you like the idea of literally telling a narrative with a product ie a bag?

We talk about that as designers we are storytellers. What about the proud owners of our products? They like telling tales about every little detail of a garment, like a proud parent. The lining of a favorite sportcoat. A little embroidered detail here, a hard earned hole in a jean there. What if we designed with these moments in mind. Our consumers would proudly spread our message like gospel, because we have considered them, planned for these tiny moments few brands honor.

Cool stuff. If you would like to get more directed replies, post a little more information.

Are you the designer of these bags?
Student or professional?
Is this just a concept project or are you bringing these to market?
If so where do you plan on making them, showing them, selling them?

We are 2 person collective based in Boston, MA.
The first collection of 3 bags was developed as a thesis effort with hopes of developing the brand further into reality.
The plan to make that reality come true needs some firming up.
Our thinking is to get as many eyes on it.
We want to spread our story which is telling the story of enimagtic characters through our goods, their look and function.

i love that theres a story behind the objects.

similar to branding a basketball-shoe using the a legendary basket-ball player - except (to me) a little more interesting, and new. - i love the en-cognito, sneaky, spy\glam stuff…

i would like to see more though… i didn’t go through much of the research stuff, but are you going for any specific sub-culture with this?

fun to look at fosho

The “ideation” slide is pretty radical. Great work!

Mission accomplished, if you will…