English Univeristies

I’m looking to go to university to study either product design or graphic
design, currently i’m looking at places like brunel and loughborough for
product design and places like salford and leeds for graphic design. But
what university courses are “better” and have good employment prospects
any suggestions for good universities in those courses would be great!

Read this http://boards.core77.com/viewtopic.php?t=16979&start=0

for product design its prob Loughborough, Brunel and Northumbria (in no particular order!).

if you are looking at Loughborough just check its the right course because there is product design and industrial design and they are different.

Yup echo all above comments

Northumbria, Loughborough and Brunel you should consider.

Dont buy into the whole “we send our students to x y and z consultancies”. Its not the university that has done this, it is the students.

The university name will bare little relevance in industry, it will only help slightly with initial job hunting after graduation and even then its nothing to shout about, it’s all about the portfolio

Thanks for all the help guys, that thread was really helpful