English speaking jobs in Europe

Im currently working in Ireland where design opportunities are quite slim. Im working inhouse for a medium size company which kinda leaves me been a jack of all trades. Its not quite where I want to be at this junior level.

So Im wondering just how difficult it is to get an English speaking job in mainland Europe and whats the best way of going about it? Should I focus on the UK?

Hi Phil,

I’d say there are opportunities in Northern Europe where you don’t need to speak the native language. If I was you, I’d try in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and also in Netherlands. A friend of mine has been working in Austria and he doesn’t speak German, just English, so maybe you can try there and in Germany too. In my opinion, within the design world, there are good chances that everybody at the office speaks English.

Isn’t that actually a great experience, because you’re sampling every facet of your work, or is it the complete opposite? When I was looking for an industrial design job in Germany, I’ve got a lot of mixed replies, like in this thread here: Design market in Germany

It has its good and bad sides, things are looking a little bit better for the new year however it still lacks a lot of creativity which is a bit of a pain. Plus I’d really like to get of Ireland.

Thanks I’ll have a read through. Have you had any luck?