Engineering - where do I look?

I’ve been scouring my typical engineering resources, but I’m having trouble finding a specific type of engineer. My typical source usually provides ME types who are fluent in plastic part molding and Pro-E. However, the current project I’m about to embark on will require the help of and elecrical engineer, of some type, with experience with PCB design and LCD display technology.

The question I have is (and I guess this pertains mostly to the Chicago area, but if the information helps others, then that is fine as well) Where do I begin searching for an electrical engineer for a short (2-4 week) contract period?

Everywhere I look (with my current resources) is, pardon my generalization, Pro-E monkey sourcing, or so it seems. I’m more interested in more of an implementation person, for real working prototypes, but have know idea where to start.

Can anyone point my nose in the right direction?

our electrical engineering partner is in London Ont. He can do anything you want in terms of LCD and the such. Give me a call and I will try to hook you up. What kind of product do you have and can I help more I will.