Engineering drawings and technical drawings


I’m just in the process of finishing up my major project for a new badminton shoe i am designing.

Part of my required hand in is a set of engineering drawings.

What sort of things do you guys do for engineering drawings? Do people who create shoes use engineering drawings?

Im guessing here but i assume the sole for an athletic shoe will need some sort of engineering drawing due to the nature of it being molded and a tool/mold needing to be created.

For the upper parts of the shoe are pattern drawings created?

Ive had a look through the forums but really can see much about about engineering/technical drawings (Unless im searching the wrong phrases)

Do people have an examples for these types of drawings or even drawings they have supplied to manufacturers ( if its easier people can pm them to me)

Thanks for the help and please ask if any clarification is needed

Try searching for images of Tech Packs on the web…Here is a random one I found.

Those are good examples, thanks for posting Superwoo. I’ll try to post some old ones later this week.