Engineering-based Designer Website

Hi. I am Phuoc Nguyen, an engineering-based designer, from Vietnam.
Hope Core77’er(s) have time to take a look at my official website:
Welcome any fair comments! :wink:
Thanks and warm regards from Vietnam.

Hi Phuoc,
Your engineering background definitely gives you an advantage as a designer.
I agree with your vision on the pedelec. They are not just electric bikes but will become an entirely new mobility concept with new implementation models. The Netherlands are currently doing research in exactly that. Also you have some smart work such as the touchless button. There is a great need for smarter and more user-friendly interface components that designers can use in their projects, as well as more shared knowledge and experience of mapping input controls to actions and their meaning. I am sure you will find jobs in either of these areas.

For a project I am currently looking for a dispensing cap similar to your BOOM-CAP design. Has your design ever gone into production?
If you know any suppliers of such caps I appreciate if you can drop me a message.

Hi Ralph.
Thank you for your nice comments.
Regarding to dispensing cap, my design, BOOM-CAP haven’t gone into production yet! But you can look around the internet for the similar cap mechanism. For example: PepsiCo Drinkfinity
Or it could be extremely wonderful if the BOOM-CAP will be realized with your help!
Thanks and warm regards,