Engineering Aspect of ID

I have just begun my long search for a suitable college, and I am sure that I want to pursue ID. However, I am more interested in the engineering aspect of ID than the design aspect. How many, and which schools focus more on the engineering side of ID?
p.s. I am actually visiting the ID department at North Carolina State University later today.

I know what you mean; I am just graduating from college. I go to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. They do not focus heavily on the engineering aspect of industrial design at all. I had to go find an internship to learn these aspects that my classes were lacking. So if you are looking for a good internship that blends Industrial design with engineering the check out, one of their business unites teaches software and like pro/e and alias so that you learn the engineering side of things and the design all at once. They are also a design firm so I have been able to work on several great projects for clients. My advice is check them/us out for internships (interns get classes free ). Learn as much about the design as you can at your school and then get an internship where you will pick up the engineering side of it. Maybe I’m bias but hay I really like my internship and a little mad that my school doesnt teach that.

SAIC has an ID program?

Their “designed object program” looks very new.

Not meaning to be pointed, but you get free “classes” as your payment for an internship, but get to work for clients which they charge for… sounds a little askew.

Plenty of schools offer more of an engineering slant, many of which have been talked about in this forum.

Since you are not currently enrolled in a program, I would recommend you do your homework and choose the right school for you instead of immediately looking into educational supplements