Greetings, sneaker-sketchers! I am in need of some assistance, and you guys seem like the right bunch to query.

As a mechanical engineer with a BS, I find myself in quite a predicament as of late. I’ve been entrenched in the utterly number-crunchy vocation of application engineering (i.e. “speccing out parts for things that other people are building”), and it’s given me enough time to figure out what I really enjoy about engineering: finding creative solutions and executing them, both of which my current position lacks in spades. Really, I’ve always known what I want to do, ever since I saw this video:

IDEO: The Deep Dive.

I mean, that’s it. That’s what I want to do every day of my life until I die. I want to make new stuff that nobody’s thought of before, and I want to make old stuff better than it’s ever been.

Now: How to fit that on a business card?

Seriously, it defies definition. I want to come up with solutions to problems and then implement them. How the blazes am I to find that sort of vocation? As it’s so multifaceted a discipline, I get the distinct impression that people who want to hire me are just as confused about how to get in contact with me as I am with them…who do they search for? “Mechanical engineers?” “Mechanical designers?” “Electromechanical designers?” “Product designers?” “Industrial designers with a background in mechanical engineering?” “Research and development engineers?”

Really, I’m just frustrated with my job search, and my inability to find companies who do the sort of stuff that IDEO does. (Seeing as IDEO hires once in a blue moon, and nobody ever leaves, and they’re not offering any jobs where I need to work, just going straight to the source is impossible.)

Does anyone have any advice or guidance or suggested search criteria?

Even better, does someone have a mechano-electro-super-industrial-product-design-turbo-alpha job in NY for me? :wink:

tl;dr: Innovative mechanical engineer seeks job where he gets to innovate, but can’t seem to find a nice definitive name for the companies/positions that require such.


There are many firms that use ME’s, ID’s, and other disciplines to create new products and design solutions. IDEO is one of the more famous ones, but they are far from your only option. Have you looked at The coroflot job board and also have listings for ME’s in product design roles.

Those are amazingly helpful! Thank you so much!