engineer + ID or just ID...???

So I have decided that I would like to study industrial design. I didnt hear about it until a couple of years ago and at that point i was in the middle of the degree i am finishing up now.

I was talking to some people and they recommended that i do the engineering degree that goes with ID because in the long run it would work out better career wise. However, I dont want to just get out of school when im 27 or 28. (I cant start immedialtely with my ID studies because i am taking a year to live in random places)

Could anyone give me their opinion on this…some advice regarding whether i should just pursue the simply ID track or go all the way…engineer and all? (advantages …disadvantages…etc)

Any help would be welcome

thank you

I went down the engineer route I now find out that ID is what i should have done in college. Trying hard now to get into design. I would say head down the way of ID as your going to do the stuff required for getting into industry afterwards. I did mech. eng. I now want to get into design so I have to go do a portfolio to get back into college to do the ID course or a job so…
I would advise ID route its engineering + design. My course taght the design but just the mathematical formulae if you know what I mean.

I did the same as Paul, thought engineers did design, never knew about ID, one of my very few regrets in life

yeh, same here, except I figured out I wasn’t made for engineering b/c I couldn’t do the math once I got into my department. now I’m working on my portfolio for a second try at getting into Design here at NC State. Meanwhile, I’ll just be taking courses that could be used for a drafting minor or major and a manufacturing minor…

as I understand it, you’ll be finishing the IE very soon…I would go ahead and put a portfolio together and try to get in. I don’t know if you can wait another year once you get accepted, but at least you’ll have an idea of what needs to be in your portfolio whether you get accepted or not.

and if you really wanna go live in different places, there’s plenty of study abroad programs for ID…

maybe i should mention that right now im not studying nething having to do with ID…im studying Hispanic Languages and International Development

so pretty much my question is should i just go for straight uo ID after i graduate this year or should i do engineering with it and graduate much later (someone mentioned to me that i would have more work oportunities and get paid more)


mi suggestion go 4 id direct away … even i was on the same delima whaen i finished mi high school design or engg …i did the gravest mistake i went for civil engg …but wheni finished i knew mi heart was stuck on design …and i realized i had simply wasted time learning stupid formulas which i never will be applying now that iam close to geting in to masters in design …

but do mind you if you are an engineer and you have anck for design you could become a designer either way practicing freelance …

for the time being join id starfish

I’d suggest going straight into Design…and the thought that engineering is gonna get you more job opportunities is totally whack…ID does SOOO many more things than a specific engineering field: toys, furniture, shoes, clothing, jewelry, handheld electronics, household appliances, sinks and showers, automobiles, boats, speakers, product containers, etc…

but getting an engineering job as opposed to an ID job is easier b/c your academic standing (GPA, class rank…) and experience (which is a little harder to get) are all that matters for an engr. position; whereas with an ID position you compete with others using your portfolio just as you would to get into an ID program in college.

i am an id graduate but spent years and years working on houses, cars, tractors, boats, tools…and never had any formal engineering training. but - because my life experience of “fixing” stuff - i now do engineering quite a bit. mostly mechanism design(in 3-d - not digital to start), and of course all the id work involved around that mechanism/product. i work for a garden tool company and interestingly enough on this eng. id subject i see the opposite going on in europe - finland to be exact. the finnish “designers” have no id training what so ever, and are very talently engineers(mechanical, manufacturing, materials…). somehow they have the most beatifully honest aesthetic and i am beginning to believe it is ingrained in them from their culture. finns have great respect for design, engineering and arts of all medias. ramble ramble - my point being…get you id degree and engulf yourself in the engineer side to whatever degree feels comfortable. i am surrounded by talented engineer, they do the numbers, but they also teach me a great deal if i ask them for the answers. and hey - if you are telented and respecting and respected by your coworkers you can tailor your “speciality” along side the team you work with. do this make any sense or am i journaling to myself on this website?


cooter that makes a lot of sense, can relate to a life of “fixing stuff”, and finn design

not to be mean, but I think courtney may need to get priorities in a little better order.

I never knew about ID either, so take a class or two and see what it’s like- probably no going back after- decision will be made for you.

an extra year or two studying something you love is not much in comparison to decades of drudgery doing a career you don’t love. why impose an arbitrary timeline? not ready? maybe more soul searching is in order.

travel is fun, for sure, but maybe you could combine that with study overseas.

hope this helps, I feel your pain…!