Engagement present

This is a bit off topic, but still to do with design I guess.

I just found out last night that my little sister is getting engaged. Just thought peeps might have some cool ideas for an engagement present.

Brief: Client is 21 years old, so is her male Faïence. They have a good coffee machine. She likes typical 21 year old stuff like going out dancing and listening to Rhianna and all that sort of thing, movies, phones etc. He likes his dog, country music and is a bit religious. They are currently renting.

Any item must be able to be purchased or posted to Australia. My GF and I are going to put in together but we’ve got to move house soon so we have about AUS$200 to spend. Maybe a bit more. I could possibly get my 2 brothers to put in $100 each if it’s an awesome idea.

If they want house-warmy things, Borders in Rundle Mall has lots of Joseph Joseph stuff, and getting rid of it at stupid prices because it’s closing:

Are they boozers? Low hanging fruit would be wine glasses, martini set, margherita set, etc. You know, nothing says celebration like liquor. A good bottle of wine can run you the $200.

Awesome. Cheers. I actually wanted to get some Joseph Joseph stuff for myself. I’ll check it out. Do you know when the shop is closing?

No, but I walked past a few weeks ago and it said “everything 20%-40% off”, then last week it was “everything 30% to 50% off” and on friday “everything 40% to 80% off” and they are selling the shop fittings as well.

That’s too bad for the people who worked there. Retail is dying a slow agonizing death. I actually went into a shop the other day and bought some guitar strings. The price for one set in the shops here is what I can get 3 sets shipped from the US for. Luckily I spent nearly $7000 there a few years ago, so they give me discount.