Energy harvesting bicycle.. (its not what you think)

Havent seen it up so here goes.

I actually got a bit offended when I saw it and im 100% not sure why… But i think its because of a blatant slaughter of an extremely eco-friendly vehicle in to this… rolling solar/windfarm.

I actually think theres something cool about the idea, but the final concept just feels extremely contradictive.

:confused: why would someone want something like this?

This designer needs to revisit his/her physics class… and understand how incredibly difficult it is to generate electrical power from physical movement.

I’m not even sure I fully understand the concept. The idea is that you ride the bike gathering energy into the solar panels and wheels (somehow) and that charges a battery? That bike alone would have to weigh at least at least 90 pounds or so. I have a 1965 Schwinn American and it kind of sucks riding it more than say ten miles or so and it weighs maybe a third or what that bike would weigh in at. I’m all about innovation of course but I don’t see it happening.