End of Year Shows - send us your pics!


This is a call for help to the Core77 design student community. We are planning to publish an End-Of-Year Student Shows photo gallery and we need work from students everywhere.

What we would like to do is publish a gallery of images from as many ID student shows as possible. The gallery will be organized according to school.

This is what we need, from each school:

  • A volunteer to photograph/document the show
  • Each show should have 16 pics minimum
  • Each image should have the title, designer’s name, project description (brief!), and a link to a web site if possible.

Each volunteer would put the images, and a text file describing the projects, into a folder and then FTP this to our public FTP site.

If you are interested in participating in this project, send an email to ‘news@core77.com’ with your name and your school. We’ll contact all interested parties directly. With everyone’s help this will be a great feature, and it will get a lot of exposure at Core77 (and the rest of the internet design world) for your school and for the students themselves.