End of Year hiring?

Any thoughts on if the Industrial Design field tends to slow down hiring at the end of year (from now until Jan.) ?
Have been in touch with quite a few quality design firms that are interested in my work, had interviews that went well and we have talked salary and when i can start but nobody has pulled the trigger yet? only thing i can think of is that they are maybe waiting until the new year for their new budget’s and to get a better idea of the upcoming work? Guess it could be that they found someone better but they are still keeping in touch with me and making an effort.
Thoughts, suggestions?

I’d agree with that. Also take into consideration that the holidays are coming up and its hard for anyone to make a decision.

On a similar note (not trying to threadjack) are you consultancy guys smothered with work? Or have some projects disappeared? The retail side, from what I see, is very nervous about the holiday- they don’t know how to call it.

…most companies just ended thier fiscal year and are evaluating the coming year…i just got a couple of new projects from one client but another has put one on hold…dec/jan job postings are usually higher than oct/nov.