Encouraging visuals

YKH: Are you happy with the visual responses to the Design Slam?

I’ve noticed on the Projects board that most people are posting computer models, but few post their thumbnails. In the sketch board there are alot of photoshop renderings, fewer thumbnails.

I know when I’ve posted I’ve found it a pain to upload my image to my website, then link it…and half the time I type the wrong file name XP

I’m wondering if there is a way we can encourage more sharing of visuals? I would like if there was an easy way to attach an image from my computer to Core…but:

  1. Does this problem exist?
  2. What does everyone else think about it?

happy? happy would have been what they do on CGTalk. didnt expect that. will be awhile before IDers are ok w showing work. Slam #1 just first step. there’ll be more.

i love thumbnails. didnt always. but now see them as better gauge of how people think. still like renders. just not as much. give me crappy doodles any day.

after upload Right-Click/Properties. then highlight image filename, Right-Click/Copy. no typing needed. uploading to Core would be storage problem. they already store Corefolios…