Enabling Wacom Cintiq's touch functions?

I’m using a 27QHD touch at work with the latest driver installed. I’m unable to get the touch function to work! I would love to enable two finger zoom and rotate.

Another thing thats happening is that the Wacom Desktop Center is unable to connect to the internet. The settings and links are unresponsive.

Wacom drivers always seem to be a pain…

Are you using Mac or PC?

My Intuos Touch lost interface completely and wouldn’t work at all when I updated OS X last week, I had to un-install and re-install the driver (not just update) for it to function again. Perhaps this might get touch working again?

I’m using PC and this company has a pretty strict firewall. I’ve reinstalled the driver 4 times. I may continue to experiment or wait for the latest driver updates.

I have the same setup. (Cintiq 27QHD/Ergostand/ASUS). I am using the micro usb adapter and wired in directly to my laptop.

Its working great now! I’m really enjoying Sketchbook Pro