that looks like a blatent rip off.

Id suggest to email the core people responsible for the design competition to let them know.

I couldnt find it on the site, but what are the dates of your red dot submission and the core contest?

Ive seen concepts copied, but never complete artwork taken in this way before.

very surprising that a designer would enter someone elses work!

The red dot award was in november and the core contest was in october…sure there is no confusion of who’s work is who’s here?

I get the feeling that there is more to this story than is being told here. Possibly one designer did not want to split the cost of the Red Dot award…

But I highly doubt someone would be dumb…brain dead…enough to post the complete deliverables set from another designer as their own in an nationally/internationally visable competition such as these.

Who knows it is probably just a mix up on the names…

mmm… indeed maybe some backstory.

anyone know how to get in touch with the other designer to get her side?

there is a coroflot portfolio from a designer of the same name, but the project in question isnt listed/shown.

also, cant see any link between her and the original poster here.

without more info, hard to call. i agree i wouldnt think any young designer would submit someone else’s work in their name.

Changduk, did you also submit your project to the core competition? Maybe it is a mixup of names?

Where’s Sherlock/Kojak/Matlock/Columbo/CSI when you need 'em?


We’re currently investigating this. It seems that the designs were incorrectly attributed to Margarita. We’ll post a follow up when we have more information.

After several hours of investigating, it turns out that the entry was simply assigned to the wrong person during the process of transcribing and review. Complicating things was the fact that the congratulatory email we sent to all the notable entries never made it to the person to whom we incorrectly attributed the project. Hers was the only email that bounced, and we didn’t pick that up.

We’ve now correctly assigned ownership to Changduk. We congratulate him on his entry for the Light Objects competition and his successful entry into the Red Dot competition!

I am glad to hear this is simply a clerical error.

Thanks for clarifying!

Nice to hear the system works.

Congrats Changduk on the entry, and props to core management for quickly investigating, getting to the bottom of things and admitting the clerical mistake.



Thank you very much. :smiley:
After I cooled off and thought it over, I could see that I was in the wrong, too.