Employment Websites

Other than Monster, Careerbuilder and Coroflot (of course) where do you guys go to search for design job postings?

In terms of websites the others I can think of:


Craigslist - but that tends to be smaller freelance work or shadier companies.

Business week has one but now that I look it’s just a rebranded coroflot.

Every company obviously has it’s own internal job listing site usually so if theres particular companies you’re looking for you’ll want to check their careers section.

The only other option I can think of would be emailing old professors or colleagues to see if they have any knowledge about openings.

i use indeed.com, it searches many different job search engines

The way I found out about jobs were the following:

networking (friends, professors, etc.)
my school’s career website
contacting companies I liked (using their career site)

(using a site like Monster NEVER provided me with any legit results)

When I seek out new designers for my company I immediately contact my “network” of friends/colleagues first.

Another suggestion is to join your local alumni chapter if they have one… or join IDSA. Word of mouth is what I believe to be the best way of finding out about jobs.

My current position, from Monster- aaa thank you.

www.malakye.com is numero UNO for action sports… awesome place.

There are a few headhunters out there, not many- but they sure can help. Otherwise, it’s always nice to know other people in other places, because as it has been noted- internal postings are out there and are fun to monitor. Not bad idea either to just GET IN, first.

Happy hunting!