employment in midwest

Hello everyone

Just wanted to get some feed back on others attempts at obtaining design positions in the mid west… I graduated in 2002 with a BFA in Industrial Design and have since tried mulitple times to get a design job here with no success. Most of the time i never hear anything back, even after contacting companies or if i do hear back i am told some one with more experience has filled the position. How can I get in to a firm or company and get the experience I need because the jobs i work now make me crave more and more each day a design position.

Recieved mine 6 months out. The scene was looking up for the first part of this year, however for the last 3 months things have gradually been getting slower. Most people I have contacted lately are “waiting untill the election to see what the administrations do”.

BFA…Mid-West…Loking for job for 3 years…SIU?

Me too…

Trying offering yourself for freelance. You’re more likely to be brought in in an emergency when people actually want to go home that night. You’ll get to show your skills. There’s little risk to the companies, if they don’t like you, you don’t work or get paid the next week. Kind of like dating around opposed to marrying the first person you think you like. Lets everybody do risk free trial runs. It’s also great to get to work for a couple of different places to see how you would fit in, if their work methods mesh with yours, etc. Then gives you a little leg up if you try for fulltime with them.

Hiring new folks untested is very risky, companies don’t want to do it unless you’re the top-skilled, ready to learn, entry level that they don’t have to pay much.

I’d say, promote your freelance services, you’ll more likely get calls than if you’re only looking for fulltime. That’s how you can get your “in” or keep from working fulltime at a place you may end up hating. Good luck to you all.

yep, same old story. I graduated from The Ohio State in 2001, and had a bunch of friends that graduated from College for Creative Studies the same year. Bad time to graduate I guess.

There’s a lot of us out there. But the may be hope. Like that man above said, try to do some freelance gigs. USE YOUR TALENT. GOOD LUCK!