Employers, how true is it?

I am not a US citizen. I am here on F1 visa. I have heard of numerous cases of strong foreign students who can’t get jobs. A typical story will be that the designer who interviews the student is very happy with his/her work, no problem with the person, but the application gets stopped by HR because it takes a lot of trouble to process the working visa. So they go for the next best US citizenship holder.

I say they are strong in their work because I have seen their portfolio and certainly agree that they are better than most I have seen. One of them puzzles the designers who interviewed her because they thought she sould have gotten a job long ago with her portfolio.

For US car companies, only GM is being generous in hiring foreign students. Ford and Crysler spells no chance. First thing they will ask is," Do you have US citizenship". Yes they did ask that question.

So how is product design? I need to plan ahead. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

This is a problem for aliens in all fields in this country. If there is a U.S. citizen that fits the bill its going to be a lot easier for the company. That’s why its so tough.

Lol… situation is the same everywhere for foreigners.

I came to Japan looking for design work. I had a couple interviews and everything looked cool. Design department directors loved my stuff and really WANTED to hire me. The problem was that the personel department in each case was not willing to hire a foreigner. This really peaved me off - prior to me moving to Japan, they said that hiring a foreigner and arranging for a visa will not be a problem.

I was lucky, though, since I made alot of contacts regarding english teacher positions prior to coming to Japan. Right now I’m going over an english teacher contract and if everything is cool then I will be a conversational english teacher for about a year. Who knows…I might get to do some small design work on the side or something will come up a year from now.

I’m glad that I put in the extra effort and made all of these english teacher contacts…otherwise I would be completely screwed. The most important thing is that I now have a chance to stay in Japan.

A friend of mine from Germany that attended my college did manage to get a job in Michigan. I believe he started the position in fall of 2003, so I hope that regulations haven’t changed since. I would say that most of the reason he got hired though was the fact that it was under strong recomendation from our ID Department Head, and the fact that it was a smaller consultant firm.

Another friend of mine (roommate of the guy above actually), managed on two occassions to get internships through friends of his family that happen to be in the US. I think you may have to rely heavily on using contacts that you have to your advantage.

I really feel sorry for people that have to go through all that hassle to find employment here. A good friend of mine came from Thailand to attend college here, got a job afterward, got married, and became a US Citizen. Then a few years ago he had a serious illness (some sort of heart problem from what I remember) and his employeer let him go. Since then he hasn’t found another graphic design job, and he’s settled for working full-time as a janitor at the college. I think if it wasn’t for the way he is precieved because of his accent, etc. he would have no problem getting a graphic design job. I’m afraid that over the last few years he’s slipping away from software proficiency, etc., and that opportunity may never come up again.