Employabilty as a ID Apprentice

It’s my first time posting here so i’ll be brief.

I was at university studying product design for two years, but left due to some mental health issues.
Since i’ve left i’ve managed to find a apprenticeship as a Design Engineer for a injection moulding consultancy & product design firm, ( i was very lucky) and since the apprenticeships are pretty much one in a million and pretty unheard of here in the uk, i’m just wondering how employable am i, without a degree but with work experience?

I don’t want to leave my current employer, i just want to make sure that if something unfortunate happens to the company that i will be able to find work in this field.
I plan on completing my apprenticeship and going back to university but my employer (who’s self taught) doesn’t want me to go back to uni.

I’m just posting so i could hear your thoughts on the situation, as i’m twenty one next month and there is still a lot for me to learn about the field.


It sounds like you found a great opportunity, and being so young I would recommend following where it leads you for a while. Your self taught employer may have some valuable business or entrepreneurial wisdom to share with you, the kind you’re unlikely to get from uni. And who knows, maybe you will be offered a full-time position and be able to take courses while working.

You can always go back to school, get the work experience where you can.


I’ve been enjoying my time a lot more at work, i think it just took a bit of time to adjust. And yeah i have to say i’ve learnt so much in such a short space of time i still can’t believe i’m getting paid to do this job. i love my job.

Thanks for the advice

That’s great, glad to hear that it’s working out!