Empathetic gesture

Hi I am now in my Ph.D. study, my research topic is about empathy. This month, our research team is managing to conduct an experiment on empathetic gestures by using our lab’s motion capture hardware. I would like to share our progress of research, if anyone of yours who study similar field, I’d like to connect with you guys.


Here to share some videos about our lab activity.
Our French member, his performance is always full of fun.

As industrial designers, our involvement with human motion and interaction is usually tied to a product or process…so to see your research involving only human movement is exciting. How you categorize and define the movements and gestures will make for a valuable dataset useful for the arts as well as for design of things and spaces.

Thanks for your comments, it feels like you are mastering in this field. As you mentioned, the evidences behind such gestures are quite the key to its data trustworthiness. Our lab study also pays more attention on this part. Thanks for mentioning it.