Emily Carr institute of art + design

So, maybe someone can tell me if ECIAD has a half decent ID program? Is it in any way regarded in the industry? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

It is a decent program, and well regarded within Canada. Not well known outside Canada. Do a search of past discussions on core for more info. Check out Ocad and Carleton as well, these three are basically your only viable options if you are studying Id in Canada. All three are very different so make sure to research carefully, and figure out exactly what you are looking for.

The program is as good if not better than the other Canadian schools. (None of them are really bad)

Because it is part of an art school it is a pretty liberal campus and designers coming out of this program tend to lean a bit more on the creative side. Carleton’s ID program is related to their Science program and as a result the designers tend to be more technical. Good arguements exist for both depending on what you want to do.

ECIAD has a great location. Campus is on Granville Island in Vancouver and the view from the workshop is likely second to none in North America.

Recent grads working for Apple, Swatch, Nokia, Puma, MEC, + local firms Karo, Form3, etc

Emily Carr could very well be the best iD school in canada at the moment. There are a lot of cutting-edge activities occuring in vancouver which may tip the scale to eciad’s behalf.

Check out the Great Northern Way Campus: http://www.gnwc.ca/

It’s a collaborative institution by all the univerisities in Vancouver: UBC, SFU, BCIT, ECIAD where they will have interdisciplinary courses centred on sustainability and interaction. The interesting thing about this initiative is that the courses are open to students of every university and they teach courses not taught at any of the schools…so it’s truly interdisciplinary.

Also, SFU in Vancouver has now the first program dedicated to interaction design and technology: http://www.siat.sfu.ca/

I think this makes vancouver a more cutting-edge, experimental, and forward thinking city than toronto and ottawa, where you will not find any collaboration between the schools. There is no communication between humber iD and ocad iD, let alone with carleton.

to summarize, vancouver is more exciting for designers

Thanks for the great input. Its appreciated.