EMERGENCY: Prospective student for CCA's ID program

Hey everyone,

I am sort of in a bind and was wondering if i could ask for help. I am a 2005 graduate from NYU that majored in math and art and have been interested in studying Industrial Design for quite a while to combine both my analytical and artistic skills. I still want to become an athletic sneaker designer in the beginning, but broadening my career with other products and finally teaching students design.

I recently applied and was accepted to California College of the Arts ID undergraduate program. My father feels that I should not be going to design school for a BFA if I already have a undergraduate degree. Actually, he does not believe in it at all truthfully. I am not sure what to think, because ID is I feel something I always wanted to do as my dream, but I do want it to be worth it since it looks like I may be paying for this education on my own.

My questions are:

  1. Should I go for the Undergraduate Degree in ID, if I already have a degree in a non design related area? If not, what graduate programs should I look for?
    ( My design experiences have come from internships in graphic design and web design which I freelance right now. Also, two summers in an architecture firm as well).

  2. Is CCA’s program known to provide the necessary skills and connections for ID looking to get into the shoe world and produce an awesome portfolio?

No matter what program you go to, I don’t think it matters as long as you can think, conceptualize, problem solve, sketch, render and communicate. I do think you get more skill training in under graduate programs.

Honestly, for footwear, CCA would not be at the top of my list. I would recommend University of Cincinnati, Cleveland Institute of Art, or College for Creative Studies (CCS Detroit), maybe Art Center. (I know, shocking)

Follow your passion, where there is a will there is a way, this is your life not your Dads.

Best of luck, I hope we see you more on the c77 boards.

yo is right.

but if it means your dad’ll help pay - the program at Pratt is set up for people without ID Bachelors…its a good program too.

(It always kills me when people think they can walk into ID at the Masters level. What would it take for a BFA to graduate with a MS in mathematics?)

Hmm, NYU math/art degree. Do you need 3-4 more years of ID school- and starting as a sophmore? Think about it.

Have you scoured NY talking to ID firms and independent designers yet? I’d put that on the list first. You may find a job/internship that will tell you where the next step is.

Yeah, I was thinking of going back for med school… not going to do pre med though… sorry, I couldn’t help it.

I am going to at least check out the school in person this week and talk to some of the ID students there to get a feel for it. Still determined to make my dream happen. Thanks again