Emergency - PC PROBLEM!

Hi guys,

I do not understand why that all of my default programs in my entire pc from desktop to folders etc all turn into Adobe Reader icons.

Can anyone help me ? even my Microsoft/internet explorer turns into adobe reader - opening which now i can’t even use anything.


Have you re-booted your machine? That’s the first place to start with a PC.

Did you recently install any Adobe products on your machine? Somewhere you’ve changed something so that all of your files associate with Acrobat. If you installed pirated Adobe products you might have been duped.

answer(s) provided here…

Please provide some more info.

Are your icons displaying wrong, but loading the correct programs?

If so try this:


If every shortcut is now opening adobe reader … then have you installed any pirated software or downloaded anything just prior to installation? That sounds more like malware or a virus.

Hahahahahahaha! I love doing that.

that is great.

Hey guys thanks for the advices.
I got it fixed by someone performing system restored/recovery etc. (Not too sure either :confused: )

Thanks again! :slight_smile: