Emergency! Need a freelance hourly rate!?!

Okay, so I’ve been trying to get a freelance operation up and running on the side and it was slim pickin’s (okay…no action at all) … until now. I got a huge break, great news…yada yada yada…but I never established an hourly rate.

So any freelance guru’s out there, PLEASE chime in…

I do retail interior design, I have 4 years of experience with a pretty top notch design firm and have a fair amount of confidence in my skills.

The job duties would be both conceptual work and assisting with renderings.

I’ll be doing the work for a small design firm in Los Angeles.


go there to see examples of my work. I’m not looking for praise or any of that. Just some realistic reasonable freelance rates for someone in my position.

The firms I’ve worked for bill me out at between 80 and 100 dollars per hour, but I know that counts in overhead and other stuff…

ANY thoughts at all!?!??!

Thanks so much for the advice…


I’ve been billing $35 and up, but I’m just getting started in ID, so I have no idea if that’s the norm.

I was getting billed at $100-150 (for my agencies) as a graphic/web designer and I’m getting $35 and up for that as well as a freelancer. They seem prettyclose, ID and 2D, per job.

I typically charge $70/hr… at 3 yrs experience… and I probably undercharge.
That should give you a good starting range!

yup, that includes overhead, but also includes your benefits, etc. as well.

I’d suggest maybe $100 an hour as a starting point for experienced ID/retail type work would be reasonable.

also of course depends on the project total scope, the client, etc…


Looks like I’m getting ripped! :frowning:

I am going through creative staffing though.

wow…thanks for the quick replies! Still a pretty wide range… 35-100 … my gut reaction was 50ish … I’m not looking to get rich, and the guy I’ll be working with kind of gave me my first break into the design industry 3 years ago, so I don’t necessarily want to go for gold.

Keep the opinions coming!

Thanks again,


…perhaps $60?

I know it’s entirely different, but i bill $95ph for photography.

Im sure your client has a fair idea of what professional hourly rates are and is willing to pay accordingly. Dont sell yourself short.

I’ve seen your work, it’s good, they’re in LA, go for the $80-$100 range.

Congrats on placing in the Bombay contest by the way! I’m happy enough being in the top ten :slight_smile:.

Hey thanks, I was pretty stoked about the contest. There was some good competition.

I feel I have a good fee range now. Thanks everyone for the input. This seems to always be a hot-button topic…


I like your work, and the way you sketch - it’s good to see some b/w and marker renderings. I have a similar technique.