Does anyone know how to create an embossment without the aid of professional tools? I’m just looking to experiment at home.

i would draw the thing that i wanted to create the emboss onto a stiff piece of cardboard that was about 1/16" thick and then cut out and glued to a flat piece of stiff cardboard. this will be your emboss template. corrugated cardboard may affect the emboss so keep that in mind. the result may be positive or negative.

and then i would dampen with water the material (i.e. a thin sheet of paper) that was to receive the emboss.

place the damp piece of paper over the emboss template.

sandwich the damp paper and emboss template between two pieces of wax paper and sandwich that between two pieces of wood

carefully drive your car over the whole thing and let it rest on the assembly for maybe a minute or so. drink some coffee, smell some roses…

remove car.

disassemble the emboss sandwich and check your results.

you may want to experiment with the height of the embossing and dampness of paper.

printing with ink before or after the process may also postively or negatively affect the results.

thats swell! Thanks

at most art stores you can get a clear or colored ink that is an embossing ink…mainly mimics the appearance. It is a wax based product that melts with the heat of a light bulb…nice effect/little hard to use…