Does anyone know how to create an embossment without the aid of professional tools? I’m just looking to experiment at home.

depends on material and design. can you be more specific?

I want to emboss on card stock, I haven’t decided on a design for the actual embossment, I just want to experiment.

For about 50-75 bucks you can get a metal hand stamp, same things that the notary uses. I have never tried it on cardstock, but you might want to try going to a place that makes them and pick thier brain. They should have some on display for you to try.


Years ago I worked in the “home entertainment” product industry. To simulate various front panel components our model shop guys used to emboss .020" thick aluminum sheet using plexiglas for dies. You’ll need a “male” and a “female”.

The plexiglas was machined and hand fabricated; hand files and a Dremel tool would work for simple shapes.

Depending upon how complex your graphics are plexiglas might work for you, it’s certainly cheap. They used a simple hydraulic press but a big vice would work as well, provided your pieces aren’t too big. Remember, the larger the surface area of embossment, the moe pressure you’ll need.

An embossed circle would be a good first project.