Email Job Offer?

I recently applied to a ton of jobs and received an email offer the day after applying to one of my top ten. What I’m confused about is, the email says “After reviewing your portfolio, we can offer you part-time employment then move you to full time in six months.”

I responded with “I will consider it, but I have a few questions. Should I send them over email or schedule a time to speak over the phone? Thank you.”

It’s been four days. No response.

What is going on? Am I too anxious? Are they too busy? I really want this job, but do not know any of the terms, when to start, etc.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? How should I handle this situation?

That’s strange, I’d just go and call them. Notify them that you recieved the e-mail and you had additional questions. Is there a contact person in the e-mail?

Nope. It’s signed “Sincerely, Human Resources” but it does have the company signature and contact information.

so you got an offer without an interview?

Yes? It’s kind of strange right? To be more clear, the offer is for an internship, but was stated exactly as above. At one point I was afraid it was a cruel april fools joke…

Sounds like BS, unless it’s some company that just expects a warm body in that job, which may be the case for an internship.

But generally people talk to you before offering you anything. Could just be a scam?

Well, I’ve called and only been able to get a hold of a receptionist, who told me to call back on Monday to speak with someone in HR.

I’m holding on with a thread.

How straight forward would your employment be out of a work permit perspective? Is this company in the US and would you need a Visa?

Regardless of how this works out, their lackluster conduct should definitely raise a red flag.
Make sure everything is in order before you commit or make arrangements to move.

The company is in the US, and I am a US citizen, so I would not need a visa.

I DO think this raises a red flag, but I am hoping they just have a new, unorganized HR department…

I would recommend you proceed with caution. Just get as much in writing as possible. Talk to someone who works there, anywhere, if possible.

Well, I spoke to the VP, twice, because the receptionist could never locate an HR person, emailed him the email, sent 2 follow up emails - nada! No responses at all!! Even if they came back a week from now and offered me something, I would blink before saying no.

It just disappointing that there are professional like this out there…