email format question - resume/cover letter/etc.

This may be the most basic question of the day…

What is the standard format used for your resume and cover letter when replying to a job post via email?

PDF? Word? Copy & Paste?

Any advice on size limits, quantitiy, and format of images when including samples of your work would also be appreciated.

…no standard…ms/word is the most requested format i get for resume…i send full on portfoliofolios (30 images +/-) in a zipped self-extracting file via whalemail…cover letters are mostly in the body of an email…5-6 teaser images can be zipped to go as email attachments as well.

MS Word is the most requested format. However, text formats are also popular with some employers.

I always recommend writing a resume in word that you can print to hand out to potential employers or at career fairs. Then I recommend creating a text format, without all the bells & whistles (special formatting oftentimes found in resume templates).

The text format is easy to copy & paste into an employer’s site. Typically they have a form block that the resume is pasted into.

You can still highlight areas of interest by using other formatting techniques such as an asterick * for bullet points. Seperate areas of your resume with other symbols like ======. Much of the formatting you get with Word is lost if you cut & paste into an employer’s site, but if you create a text version ahead of time you’ll find you can still highlight your skills & qualifications and win the interview.

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my tip for the day:

when emailing a potential employer, it is NOT a good idea to play yourself up by adding “WITNESS THE SICKNESS” to the subject line.

that’s a guaranteed “DELETE” in my book.

true story.