email formalities

Okay, im all for being laid back when you have a good relationship and emailing back and fourth. But seriously below is the email i just got, requesting to talk to me about their companies capabilities. - the person refereed to me as “C” unless i am so old that i don’t understand what the means…

C, My VP asked me to follow up to find out if you would be available for a 30-minute introductory phone conversation with him anytime Sept 12, 13, 14, 17-21 or 24-28?
XXXXXX provides plastic injection and compression molding simulation software to ensure part quality from the design phase and many other manufacturing applications. Since 1995, with customers such as Samsung, Garmin and Nissan. We have made rapid advances in the past few months and wanted to provide you with an overview of our capabilities and learn more about your requirements.

Yea…That’s very unprofessional. I would delete this email.

He/she probably knows only your C77 screenname :slight_smile:
I get these requests too, mostly from East Asian vendors, I simply do not pay attention unless it is directly interesting for a project.

It sounds more like Chevis got an email from a USA supplier. It isn’t formal at all for the first contact, so maybe it’s the uninterested intern getting tasks ticked off for the day.

I’ve even had a Chinese plastic mold tool supplier repeatedly call my workplace in Australia during working hours to discuss capabilities with me after finding my LinkedIn. It’s too bad that we are a sheet metal factory.

Although this seems like quite an insider thread, here’s my 3 cents’ worth: It may be an honest mistake. The sender may have assumed familiarity when there was none. Sometimes, I get mails from my instructors that begin with “Hey,” or “M” (M is the first letter of my name).

Just thought I’d share this here :slight_smile: