Email Cover Letters

Hi All,

I was hoping to get some opinions from the group regarding submitting resume’s via email to potential employers…

Given that these companies usually get hundreds of emails for each job posting, it’s hard to have one email cover letter stick out among the rest.

Would it be better to speak in plain english describing my skill sets, experience in a personal profile manner; such as you are talking to them.

“Example A:
Personality…I am very hyper person, I love to dealing with multiple project bcause of it’s challenges, adrenaline and rewarding feeling after making the deadline.”

Or would it perhaps be better to simply highlight my skills and experience through bullet points or something.

"Example B:
Work Attitude:

  • Professional and ambitious attitude.
  • Accustomed to the demands of fast paced projects from past work experience in other fields."

Please ignore spelling, grammer and all that. I’m more curious about what people think is a more potent writing style for getting the attention of a hiring manager.

Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,


Example B sounds and looks much nicer, but I would choose very carefully which words to use. If you use words like “hyper”, people might think you’re on medication.

How wordy the coverletter should be? If HR people gets that much of applicaton, do they read coverletter after all?