So, where is the elizabethtown thread, that I was longing to read this
sunday morning? “Search” retrieved nothing.

It must be yesterdays news to all you americans on the board, but that flick
just started here in good old germany.

Yesterday I went to the cinema only to accompany my girlfriend and had the choice between lot´s of girly films, so my joice was obvious.

Never thought i´d like the film as much as I did…

But as my picture of american reality is solely painted by the brushes of hollywood I have to double check some things that keep buzzing through my head. First of all:

Yo: Are designers at nike really held in cubicles like chicken in a cage ???

Thanks for giving me peace of mind on that one…

… I haven’t seen it yet, looked like a “renter”, there was a thread on the shoe design awhile back, the thing with the wings.

… we don’t have cubes… we have pentagon type things that can be opened up or closed down, and your not held there.

When I was on the Nike side I usually sketched in one of the libraries, out by the (Nike) lake, or in one of the gardens or something. It can be hard to concentrate on a floor of 60 designers with like 10 stereos going, people playing football in the hallway, Grand Tourismo blairing. I love it, but sometimes you need to focus.

Luckily the Jordan group is tucked away in a little nook in another building, much quieter, and dimmer. Its all good though.

So the movie was decent?

Hey Yo,

thank you for your fast reply, great to know, that things inside the shoe
business are not thaaat bad ( designers are not caged :unamused: )

Well, the film sure is a “renter”, will make nice watching at home during
the winter holidays.

It´s a “romantic comedy”. I won´t narrate the whole story here not to spoil the good scenes.

2 Cents though:

Orlando Bloom is not the all american guy, so obviously not the best shoice for that role, but he overcomes his cuteness and shows pretty good acting, what I didn´t expect.

The whole film can´t decide what it want´s to be. Purebreed Hollywood fantasy, or something more “off-broadway”.

So I wouldn´t recommend it to everyone, but it shurely won´t hurt to watch it
just out of “professional interest”.

Boss will be back in office soon…

So, have a bright day


YO- seriously? Nike is like that?