ELISAVA - Who knows anything about this school

I am applying into schools all around the world.
I would like to know if anyone knows anything about Elisava.

Please help!

Thanks :slight_smile:

good school…but all courses are in Spanish.
Thats all I know…

Which master would you specificaly want to know about?

Well, its in Barcelona, near the beach
Its more technical and theory based and its mostly young spanish kids. has a good rep locally but havent seen alot of success stories come out of there. more difficult to get into just because its a state run school. the paperwork is a headache. if you are looking for a design school in Barcelona might i suggest

small school, classes in spanish and catalan, excellent prices for what you get

even smaller, italian school, classes in spanish and english, a bit pricey with a more upper class student body. excellent work and lots of community involvement, high amount of foreign students

I go to BAU and I think its great, I would go to IED too but I´m cheap, they wouldnt let me into Elisava without a student visa and about a million other things so I didnt even bother

are you already in barcelona?? when are you coming?? tell me a bit more about what you want to study and for how long and I can tell you what I know. i´ve done extensive research on all the design schools in barcelona and have talked with counselors at all of them as well…


I´m studying a Master Degree in Product design at Elisava, what are you interested in??

If you are looking for a tecnical shool in Spain, I think Elisava is the best choice…

If you have more questions mi MSN is archizoom5@hotmail.com