Elisava.. good or not?! PLEASE help!


I searched a lot of schools that teaches Masters in Corporate Identity Design and Strategy, and I found Elisava to be a good match. However, i would appreciate it if you could tell me ANYTHING about the university, and whether the (Centre de Cultura Contemporà nia de Barcelona (CCCB)) is a good institute or not (it is where my classes should take place in October 2007… i guess…)

SO, if you have any tip regarding accommodation, student life, tuition etc… I really appreciate your help, as I’m clueless at the moment… meanwhile, Feliz Navidades, Happy New Year!


Barcelona is a good city for partying, meeting people from all the world and experiencing mediterranean life. Famous landmarks by Gaudi and new architects, young people everywhere, and renting an apartment with other students are part of the experience.

CCCB is not part of the school, but a very important cultural centre that hosts exhibitions, conferences and other major events. CCCB is besides the campus where you take the master degrees.

Elisava offers agreements with some studios and companies, where you can work as a student for 6 months, at the same time you study.

I took the master in Exhibit Design, which could be improved (I think it lacks of a strong technical basis, but offers a wide vision of the project), but led me into the laboural world of Spain. I´ve got a job offer by now.