Elementary Shakers

Picked this project back up when Ready Set Proto’s challenge was a set of salt and pepper shakers. I was always tired of the two not being in the same place. Utilized the idea of Familiarism to remind users of shape puzzles played with by many children. Would love to hear what you think! Full project can be found here- Behance



Is the holder through holes or will it get nasty collecting crap?

Hi Chris, thanks for sharing!

They look well executed. From a design and point it is so reductive it is a bit hard to find anything to comment on. I think lab’s point about not needing a floor on the holes is a good one, or if it had a removable tray down there. One thing that strikes me is that the pepper shaker is radiused but the wood block is not. It seems like a concentric radius would be a nice finishing detail.

The current design has the shaker holes not going through the base. Interesting catch, and I will continue to play around with the dimensions of that.

Very good pickup. I agree that the base should be filleted as well. It was neat seeing your salt and pepper shakers with a similar goal of keeping them together in the kitchen.

Thanks. It was fun to go back into the 1997 archives for that one :slight_smile:

No need to play with anything. All you need to do is put a “reverse” chamfer at the bottom.

Nice solution!

Either the bottom of the shakers or the top of the holding block want lead ins to help with insertion- it looks pretty tight right now and you would need to have the insertion “just right”.

Definitely small lead ins on the shaker so you don’t lose the clean top surface. Match them up against iabs’ chamfer sketch on the block so that they nest together nicely.

Or perhaps a degree of draft on the side walls.

Iab, thank you! will print / cut it out and see how it looks. Thanks!

Nice and simple (maybe overly so) design, I don’t know if it is sophisticated or playful enough to carry out the philosophy of Familiarism. We always find that having just one set of shakers is not enough for an 8-person table, the design would remind more of the children’s toy consisting of two of these modules and the shakers all having different colors. Earth tones, malachite green and warm pink for example are very popular in today’s interior. A soft touch coating would be nice. But in Familiarism, the first question is if the product metaphor makes sense at all and truly simplifies the interaction or design. Since everybody knows the workings of a salt/pepper shaker, we could turn the project around and apply the interaction to an unfamiliar, digital tool.

I tend to create things that are very pure and simple. It’s not for everyone, but it certainly is clean.

@cf1 lets see an update of some new work! I know you have been busy :wink: