Electrolux Design competition 2011 - can't understand brief

The theme of this year’s Electrolux design lab competition is “Intelligent mobility”. The brief is looking for solutions that consider intelligent mobility within home appliances. What is “Intelligent Mobility”? I have never heard such a term. Does it apply to some sort of supply chain process?

Here is the link to Electrolux 2011 competition:

Sounds like they want concepts for remote controlling home appliances. Maybe with some clever features like indicating what the user can bring from his shopping spree (milk, washing powder,…). With an integrated webserver, Wi-Fi connection and an iphone app ( :wink: ) that should be no problem.

first thing that comes to mind is a segway with a integrated Margarita machine …only way to make one of them cool.

I always had a good life without a segway or a margarita machine (at least I think so). But I definitely NEED my dishwashing machine (and there is hardly any chance to improve it in any reasonal way - It just works perfectly without any mobility features).

Guys, why don’t you try to enter this competition?

I’m putting it off till next year.

So do I. Till…ever :laughing:

I love that mobile coffeemaker. :wink: