Seems to be very little info out there on electroforming. I’m based in Melbourne, Australia and have had great difficulty finding anyone locally that has had any experience with the process in creating complex 3d forms. So i’m setting my sights further abroad
Anyway would like to hear peoples experience with the process. Also if anyone has any good contacts they could pass on it’d be much appreciated.

Just to give you a brief overview of what i want to achieve. I have an organic ‘lattice’ type form. (sorry that’s vague) that i want to 3d print out of wax. i then want to electroform the wax printout then melt the wax out to leave a hollow section.

Seems to be very little info out there on electroforming.

Huh? Did you try doing a google search on “electroforming”? While you are at it, do a google “Image” search for the same.

web search:


image search:

These should get you started.



You might also try:


electroforming is a type of heavy plating. A mandrel or form is needed, machined and/or edm, in conductive material to act as the cathode or anode, don’t remember which one, in the plating bath.

Often the mandrel is graphite or copper, the electroformed part is usually nickel, sometimes copper alloy. The end parts often are painted, printed, enameled, etc.

Electroforming is not very fast and any process that uses elemental metals tends to be expensive. But it will produce very crisp reproductions of the tool, and if I remember correctly, there is no tool wear.

GN Nameplate, Lafrance Corp, both American I think, electroformed parts for me.

I have used Oudensha for electroformed nameplates (Badges)
Excellent quality.

cool process

I’m aware of the basics of electroforming. The one manufacturer i managed to get in contact with Decor Engineering told me my form was too complex and required a more advanced setup. Mind you electroforming is not a focus for Decor Engineering with their experience mostly being in vacuum metalising.

what i’m trying to achieve though electroforming is more along the lines of Mac Newsons ‘random pak twin’


currently the most useful website is that of a mob in the UK - http://www.bjsco.com/

Hi Ky,

I know this is a majorly old post, but I’m also in Melbourne looking for someone who does Electroforming and am just wondering if you ever found anyone???