Electrobike Pi

Well, this is one way to go I guess. But why not convert something like a Vespa to “Hybrid” rather than taking a bicycle, throwing an engine on it, and making it a “Hybrid”

It looks a tad uncomfortable to ride as well.

There’s an all electric version as well…

I think I’ll stick to human powered bicycles thank you.

Here’s the company website Welcome electrobike.com - BlueHost.com

why a bike not a vespa, its engineering puppy…more weight =more energy to push it around and batteries are not all that energy dense unlike gasoline. Human v hybrid, age, older for the most part means less powerful so any little bit helps. Terrain, not eveybody lives in the flat lands, and cranking hills is HARD WORK. Costume, ya what you wear, you bike commute your in shorts and such on a hybrid your in your work clothes…THINK…jebus

Easy tiger… its Friday.

Could it look any worse?

sure, just turn a few more ID “pros” loose on it.

i’d like to see someone sitting on it… the HF looks a bit off…
handlebars low etc…
makes for a scrunched position… and yeah nurbs- it’s wierd looking.
whats with the huge tubing?

Zippy: It looks too designed to me already.

And talk about extra weight…that frame has to weigh more than a conventional frame. To gain the stiffness between the seat, chainwheel and front forks, that tube must be much larger and heavier than in a conventional triangular design.

On a side note, it reminds me of Honda. Honda’s first motorcycles were recycled bicycles with small engines attached. That was immediately after WWII when transportation was in need, but cars or motorcycles rare.

yup too “designy” already, the big tube is no doubt the battery storarge area as well and if thin wall tube would not be to heavy. The bike buisness is in a quandry and this aint the solution but “hybrid” bikes are provied you can design one that you look cool on be you 50 or 20 yo.