Electric-Powered Carts Will Increase in Popularity. We Need More Design - Core77

I believe we're in the early days of what will become an enduring object: The electrically-powered personal cart. There already seems to be a standard form factor, as evinced by the Donkibot and now the similar Outisan e-Wagon.

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We live in an increasingly electrified world. We have electric cars, trucks, planes, trains, buses, bikes, skateboards, scooters, lawnmowers, power tools and now carts.

One thing I have yet to see (a continual source of surprise) is an electric-powered baby stroller. Put a throttle on the handle with a deadman switch so that if you let go, it stops. And add regenerative braking for going down hills.

If you’ve ever pushed a stroller laden with baby(babies), water, snacks, changes of clothes, diapers (not to mention purse, groceries and other acoutrements of every day life) up a hill or for more than a mile, you’ll understand.

All you designers… Now you have an idea: go! :sun_with_face: